Why influencer marketing beats celebrity endorsements every time!

Instead of writing a definition as I usually would, I am going to do the more tech savvy way through a video…

Influencer Marketing

So as you saw in the video above, influencer marketing is the use of another person, who doesn’t have to be a celebrity, but who has a large audience or community. They then use that audience to show off a product or brand, while giving THEIR OWN opinion of it.

A great example of this is Conan O’Brian’s ‘Clueless Gamer’ reviews: where American talk show host Conan O’Brian reviews video games with very honest opinions. He even once started a review by saying that he hates video games! This honest opinion from the ‘influencer’ is what makes influencer marketing so authentic and trusting!

Celebrity Endorsement

On the other hand, celebrity endorsement is when a celebrity memorises a script, that the company has written, for them to say for advertising. A classic example is a TV ad. Below is a picture of Mila Kunis in a very recent TV ad for Jim Beam. It was an interesting and engaging ad, but you can also tell that she was just saying the words she had memorised.

mila kunis tv ad

The Verdict

Consumers want honest and authentic information! Statistics from Influencer Orchestration Network and TapInfluence showed that:

  • 92% of consumers trust random individuals over brands
  • 81% of marketers who used influencer marketing found it to be successful
  • Emotional attachment to YouTube stars are 7 times greater than traditional celebrities like Seth Rogan or even Mila Kunis!

What Digital Marketers Need to Know

In this digital age that we live in, more and more influential people are starting online. Youtubers, bloggers, and social media stars are growing in numbers: making them a better choice than traditional celebrity endorsement. The best website to search for influencers is tapinfluence. This platform allows you to connect with the most relevant influencer with the most amount of reach, or audience to be suit your company’s marketing needs.

Did any of these stats surprise you? Leave your comments, and let me know!


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