Robots will take over our jobs…or will they?

With AI (artificial intelligence) getting smarter and smarter every year, people have come to the realisation that robots will eventually take ever our jobs as they become ‘better’ than human beings.

An article from The Guardian stated that by 2018 one-third of all robots will be smarter, more efficient, and able to collaborate with other robots. By 2019, it’s estimated that 30% or more of the world’s leading companies will employ a chief robotics officer, and the government will make public legislation regarding robots.


Meet Hadrian X. A robot that can lay 1,000 bricks in one hour. Something that requires two human bricklayers to complete in a day. Or you have Tally: a robot that is designed to move around a store monitoring audits, price errors, stock inventory and so on…These are just two examples of where jobs have been automated to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Are we really doomed? 

Well, luckily for us we do have some things that robots do not have…

robots performance

This above graph, from Business Insider in early 2017, shows the performance of robots. The red represents robots having worser performance than humans, yellow being as good as humans, and green being better than humans.

So, the social and emotional capabilities is where we definitely am better than robots. Emotions and feeling are things that robots are not good at yet…but maybe this will be the opposite! Remember ‘Sonny’ from the movie iRobot…


What do digital marketers need to do?

Digital marketers must acknowledge this issue of humans keeping their jobs, and must think ethically and morally instead of cost efficiency. Keeping a good positive brand image is important as consumers are increasingly becoming more aware of what companies are doing. So this means, sometimes choosing humans over robots!


8 thoughts on “Robots will take over our jobs…or will they?

  1. A really interesting blog post – I think it is quite concerning for many people how influential robotics is and will continue to be in your future. Whilst robotics can certainly beat humans at some things, I think our creative capacity and emotional intelligence will continue to give way to robotic-takeover in many industries. Without people, and new ideas, new ways of thinking and new products, our world wouldn’t be as developed as it is today!


  2. Great blog post! You’ve clearly done your research! Its definitely something that worries me. I mean I’m struggling as it is to find a graduate position let alone be up against robots too! However when you put it like that you are right. Yes they are more efficient and maybe more precise than us. But they don’t harbour feelings like we do, or have a creative capacity


  3. This is a great post! Its crazy and frankly scary to think about what the future of robotics will hold for us! I certainly will think that robotics will dominate certain industries in the future and this will see the those of certain careers. However, I think there will be certain industries that will always remain the place of a human, for instance I cant imagine taking styling advice from a robot!!!!!!

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  4. It’s a really interesting topic to write about. Well, we have to admit that technology is improving nowadays. But I believe as the technology improves, we as human beings have to make an improvement too in our skills and in other things. We have to know how to handle the technology or unless the technology will rule over us.


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