Marketing of the Future

It is human nature to be fascinated by what will happen in the future. So let’s look at how digital marketing will change over the near future, and discover what we can expect as consumers.

AI – Artificial intelligence (AI) has sprung into vast development into recent years, and it is a fact that one day, AI will become smarter than humans. This is achieved through ‘machine learning’ which is basically trial and error. A great example of this machine learning is Google’s DeepMind project which you can see here. As you can see in the video below, AI is able to defeat humans in games, and can even self teach!


Robotics – Very similar to AI is robotics. This is simply AI but in a physical format that is able to move. Even though it is already happening, robotics can be seen in the assembly line of many productions such as car manufacturing, or even McDonald’s! Below is a machine that can make maccas burgers from scratch. Goodbye human workers…

burger maker

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – Now to my favourite part of future digital marketing. Think Tony Stark from Iron Man, Pokemon Go and so on…these are examples of AR and VR. So let’s firstly distinguish between the two…VR is the use of a headset to go into a different reality, whereas AR is the use of transferring virtual objects and information into the real world: usually through a mobile or tablet screen. AR tony stark

We have already seen some exciting AR marketing campaigns such as Pokemon Go, and Dutch Lady Milk. So Dutch Lady Milk named the campaign ‘the flying farm’ and consumers scanned the barcode of the milk carton and then using the app, they were transferred into a farm where they could use their camera to see themselves with cows, cowboy hats, and other virtual objects are incorporated into reality. Here you can read more about the campaign.

3-D Printing – Something that you might not have heard of is 3-D Printing. Although technology is still not very advanced in this field yet, 3D printing has started to blossom in various industries like the shoe industry. According to, 3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file using a 3D printer. One benefit of 3D printing is that sometime in the future, companies will be able to personalise an item for you on the spot instead of having to order it in from another store. During the process of making a shoe it looks like this…

shoe maker

What does this mean for digital markets? Digital marketers must keep upto date with these future changes in marketing as well as others such as blockchains and drones. Making sure that your changes are relevant to your company or industry is also important, and then monitoring the effects of these futuristics digital trends is also encouraged.



2 thoughts on “Marketing of the Future

  1. I think the key to being strong in Digital is to stay current and stay motivated to learn about and build a niche in everything you have highlighted above!


  2. I definitely agree! Industry-shaking changes are occurring at such a rapid rate, it’s crucial to stay up to date (or even ahead of the game) in all of these emerging areas!


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