Is my news feed different to yours?

Have you ever looked at someone’s Facebook news feed and thought why are theirs so different to mine? Well apart from the obvious such as what you search for on the web, what you buy etc. people are actually characterised into one of the four groups or segments that digital marketers target.

segmentation matrix

Hodis, M. A., Sriramachandramurthy, R. & Sashittal, H. C. (2015). Interact with me on my terms: a four segment Facebook engagement framework for marketers. Journal of Marketing Management, 31(11-12), 1255-1284, p. 10)

So if you’re someone like me, you would be classified as an ‘entertainment chaser.’ This segment are for the customers who go on Facebook for the thrill: to be entertained when bored. These customers have low consumption and low creation levels when on Facebook, so marketers respond to this by only providing them with quick, fun content such as polls and interactive games.

And then you have the connection seekers. These groups of customers go on Facebook to truely connect with their friends. They want to retain and improve their friendships, so they use Facebook to enhance their connections. They are characterised as having low levels of creation and high levels of consumption, so marketers will direct content such as groups and events to them.

Attention seekers love all the attention they get from their friends on Facebook. This segment is characterised as having high levels of creation and low levels of consumption. Unlike the segment devotees, attention seekers couldn’t care less about if someone wants to see their post, so they share many status updates and pictures all the time! So these type of people will most likely see celebrity endorsement advertising on their news feed. A great example of attention seekers would be…

Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch           KIM KARDASHIAN!

Lastly, we have the devotees. This segment of users are labelled addicted to Facebook. They typically go on Facebook to run away from their worries and troubles in life, and are characterised as having high levels for both consumption and creation. They regularly post updates, reply to their friend’s updates, and as a result digital marketers like to advertise good role models such as CEO’s on these type of customers.

So this is a great example of displaying segmentation of consumers in a digital environment. These buyer personas that I have listed allow digital marketers to put out the right content to the right customers.

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4 thoughts on “Is my news feed different to yours?

  1. I am exactly like you, an entertainment seeker. I purely go on Facebook to find something fun to laugh at haha. I don’t really use it for anything else tbh.


  2. I would consider myself as an entertainment seeker as well! I dont usually post or anything, just scroll through the feeds sometimes and that’s all. I usually get bored of the sponsored ads that come along, it can get annoying sometimes. By the way, great blog! 🙂


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