Brand building through digital games

These days, thanks to the internet, marketing can be done in more creative and interactive ways. Specifically, firms are starting to conduct marketing that creates an experience for the customer which is exciting, fun, enjoyable, and highly addictive. This ‘experience’ can be in the form of digital games.

A great example of this is the app Pokemon Go!

pokemon go.jpg

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that you can play on your smartphones. It uses the phone’s GPS to use real world locations, and your avatar is placed on your screen representing you. You then walk around real life locations trying to catch Pokemon.

The main benefit of making digital games for marketing is that it builds brand awareness, and improves the brand image. For example, there are many groups and pages on Facebook about Pokemon Go, several of which that have millions of likes. Through social media platforms and word of mouth, Pokemon Go took only 19 days to cross 50 million downloads worldwide!

I’m sure most of you have heard of Pokemon Go, and its outstanding success, but I would like to show you another similar digital marketing campaign. It’s called the ‘Find Red‘ campaign by M&M’s. Find Red was a digital treasure hunt, where red M&M’s were hidden in Google Maps Street Views. Consumers participated by trying to locate these missing M&M’s by scrolling through the area of Canada, Toronto. Of course, that is a huge area, so the campaign included various ways to find clues. On their Facebook and Twitter pages, consumers could find clues that would help them find the M&M’s. One example of a Facebook clue can be found here. To make things sound even more similar to Pokemon Go, Find Red also gave clues by putting QR codes on street posters: so consumers were walking everywhere trying to find these big posters of M&M’s pictures on them. Overall it was a huge success, with over 225,000 twitter impressions, and in 30 days there was 8.4 million PR impressions.

What makes digital games so successful as a form of marketing, is that there are a lot of interaction from their customers. Instead of traditional forms of marketing such as TV ads and radio, digital games allows consumers to participate in the marketing: making it more fun for them. In addition, when they like the game they post about it on social media: initiating consumer generated marketing.

Can you think of any more viral digital marketing games? Please comment below and let me know!


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