Social media has done it again

I am someone who loves to travel.

And if you do travel often, you will try to avoid seeking travel advice from big travel agencies like Flight Centre. This company is great example where you cannot purely trust their recommendations: maybe they have been paid by another company to recommend a particular place, maybe they are choosing places at random so that they do not have to do so much work. In other words, they purely operate for a profit.

Travellers want recommendations from individuals who have travelled simply for leisure. That way, there is no ‘company’ to manipulate their advise and recommendations of where to go. Luckily I recently found exactly that…

As I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed not long ago, I came across a post saying that a girl travelled by herself around the world. 197 countries in 18 months, at 27 years old, and her name is Cassie De Pecol. What’s even better is she mentioned her favourite countries to visit from her amazing worldwide expedition.

cassie de pecol


Us travellers can now sleep easily at night, as this is exactly the kind of travel advise that we want. Thanks to social media, I was able to find out about this girl and her experiences from travelling around the world.

Do you prefer seeking advise from large corporations like Flight Centre? Or are you like me and prefer advise from sole individuals? Please leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Social media has done it again

  1. I have read about that girl too. It is fascinating in a way but I wonder if mentally you can really digest what you all saw. Almost 200 countries in 18 months sounds first of all exhausting to me and second, like a blur.
    Personally, I prefer to spread traveling and trips out over a lifetime.

    To come back to your question, I have never even heard of this company or website. Me and my husband we do our own research on places, sights, flights and also safety.


    • I completely agree. She said she was often sleep deprived – not exactly the best way to experience a place.
      If you were to travel all the countries in the world, would you still want to take your time? I feel like if i stayed too long in a place, i would lose motivation to visit all the others.
      That’s good to hear! I also like to do my own flights. But for recommendations on where to go, i like to look for sites that are not too mainstream.


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